Mornin’ Cup: Leveraging the Corporate Blog

coffee.gifSo your firm has decided to progress beyond the simple web site and add on a “corporate blog”. You view it as a great way to get closer to your customers, and a mechanism by which you can keep an open dialog with them. But are you really sure you have the right approach? Want a great strategic tip for positioning your corporate blog?

Recently I delivered a presentation on “Business Blogging” for the Kettering Executive Network, a C-level executive networking group here in Atlanta. In one of my slides, I offered up my view of the Atlanta executive blogging “scene” (or lack thereof, depending upon your perspective). There aren’t many of us, but that is slowly changing. Nevertheless, one Atlanta executive blogger stands out in my opinion.

In my opinion, Bill Nussey, the CEO of Silverpop is doing an outstanding job on his blog, located at For my explanation as to why, listen to this “mini-podcast” of me discussing the Atlanta executive blogging scene (the play button beneath my signature). In essence, Bill is out there writing about the industry in which his firm plays, rather than writing about the actual solutions that his firm offers. Therein lies the fast track to fostering an atmosphere of trust with your customers, and accruing customer loyalty along the way. This is also a great way to differentiate your firm’s value proposition, especially in a crowded technology market.

Here are the sites mentioned in this segment:

Toby Bloomberg, President, Bloomberg Marketing
Larry Loucka, Lean/Six Sigma Executive
Bill Nussey, CEO, Silverpop
Charlie Paparelli, Atlanta Angel Investor
Sherry Heyl, What a Concept!
Michele Moore, Happiness Habit

What say you?



  1. I couldn’t agree more! The corporate blog is the ideal opporunity to shed the hard sell for a while and talk to customers about the issues that we share a common interest in. Even better, it’s a chance for customers to see what other customers have to say, and for our guys to see what other customers have to say.

    If only I could convince my CEO …

  2. Hi there, Trev.

    You may find some ammo through Toby Bloomberg’s great resource at her Diva Marketing Blog (via Bloomberg Marketing).

    Toby is a fantastic resource when it comes to all things corporate blog-related.


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