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Tarantula Experiment

A few months ago, Paul Freet (VentureLab) reached out to me and asked if StarPound would be interested in being a beta tester for a new software testing platform (Tarantula) being developed by a team of researchers at Georgia Tech.  I forwarded the message on to our CTO, Wei Wang, who followed up with the …

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TAG/GRA Business Launch Competition 2009

The cycle for the 2009 edition of the GRA/TAG (Georgia Research Alliance/Technology Association of Georgia) Business Launch Competition starts on January 8th. Many of you may remember my post and the resulting comment storm about last year’s affair.  I caught a good bit of flak for over that post, but the good news is that …

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Thoughts on Shotput Ventures

If you are seeking early-stage capital in Georgia, and haven’t heard about this by now, you should check out what Sanjay Parekh, David Cummings, Allen Graber, Suleman Ali, Wayt King, and David Wright are doing with Shotput Ventures. You can read more about it on their web site, but basically it is a clone (or …

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