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Scaling Your Technology with Your Business

I have been advising a local entrepreneur who is building a really interesting new web play. A great guy, but doesn’t have a deep background in technology. He is starting to see some traction with his service, and is beginning to run into those early scalability hurdles that so many young startups eventually run into. …

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JAD: Creating a Functionality Matrix

As promised in the recent article on JAD Facilitation Basics, this article will focus on the steps needed to create a viable functionality matrix, which will serve to summarize and prioritize the functionality for a proposed software system.

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TAG Leadership Academy

Kudos to Tino Mantella, Laura Heinlein, and the rest of the gang at the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG). They recently announced a new initiative, the TAG Leadership Academy. Through this new program, TAG members can participate in a variety of continuing education courses in topics ranging from marketing to human resources to technology.

How Not to Hire a CIO

Sadly, today’s post is going to be comprised of “YARS”, or Yet Another Recruiting Story. The one really good thing about being “in transition”, is that I am never at a loss for recruiting stories! Today we are going to explore how NOT to go about hiring a CIO, CTO, or other types of technology …

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The CIO Domain Conundrum: What Makes A Good Fit?

If you ran a convenience store, and needed to call someone in to unclog the drains in the bathrooms, would you call a good plumber, with a variety of experiences under his belt, or would you leave the drains clogged up until you could find a plumber that has deep vertical experience (no pun intended) working within the convenience store industry? Sadly, this is the lame cloud under which many CIOs are hired. Call me crazy, but I’d just want a good plumber. Someone who was a problem solver.

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The Very Model of a Modern Major er… Technologist

My ramblings on the evolution of the IT professional.

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JAD: Facilitation Workshop Basics

This article will take a more hands-on look at conducting JAD workshop sessions. While there is no single best way to accomplish JAD objectives, I will try to present a format that has worked nicely for me in the past, in the hopes that it will give you some ideas as to how best to structure your own sessions.

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JAD: Facilitation Skills

Gathering functional requirements is a fundamental part of any software development methodology, yet many IT leaders seem to avoid honing their facilitation skills, something I consider to be a critical tool in this process. This is the first in a series of in-depth articles on conducting JAD sessions.

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The New CIO’s Open Source Decision

To open source, or not to open source? That is the question that CIOs have been asking themselves for the better part of a decade. And while the argument for open source grows stronger every day, especially at the enterprise level, questions still remain. Being the new CIO doesn’t help either. You just never know what political minefield awaits you.

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Managing the IT Backlog

One of the challenges that many of you face this time of the year is dealing with the dreaded IT backlog. You know, that stack of projects that you commited your team to completing, but just haven’t been able to complete? This article will hopefully give you a strategy for tackling this issue head-on!

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