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Bootstrapping Infographic

Well, more like a wallpaper.  Something we whipped for for lols and grins. Enjoy. Click on the image for the larger version.  Feel free to share. Cheers.

200 Pitches From Atlanta Startups

Enjoy this tag cloud, created from 200 random startup pitches submitted for StartupLounge and/or AngelLounge. These were all pitches submitted in the past few years. These pitches were all of the single sentence (or paragraph form), and all had common “stop” words removed for clarity.  This cloud is the top 150 terms. Click for a …

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Passing the Torch

Time is a funny thing.  When you are young, you have seemingly boundless amounts of it. You wake up very day, full of zeal, and passionately chase your whim du jour.    Then, one day you wake up, and you realize that time has become a commodity, with a value all its own, and the …

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CapitalLounge Wrap Up

I’m finally beginning to recover from last night’s CapitalLounge event, which was awesome.  Great turnout, and based upon my very informal survey of people as they were leaving at the end of the night, there were lots of facilitated connections. Thanks to everyone for coming and hanging out with us. Urvaksh did a cool writeup …

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Special Startup Gauntlet

We’ll be holding a special edition of Startup Gauntlet just before our CapitalLounge event this Wednesday.  Space is limited to 12 startups and is first come, first serve. The focus on this edition of Startup Gauntlet will not be the usual 5 minute fast pitch with some slides.  This will be the “elevator pitch”. E.g. …

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Change of Venue for CapitalLounge

Unfortunately, we just received word that our normal location for CapitalLounge (The Pavillion of Dunwoody) has had to close their doors due to a disagreement with their landlord.  So, for our upcoming event on Wednesday, Februrary 25th, we have had to change the venue. If you’ve already applied and been accepted to attend, you should …

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PitchCamp Change of Venue!

Due to logistics, we’ve had to change the event venue from the Galleria to the ADTC – same time – 2pm. Let me repeat – PitchCamp will NOT be held at the Galleria, but on the 3rd Floor (Hodges Room) at the ATDC. You can get address/map info here: Thanks to Lance and crew …

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How We Select Deals for CapitalLounge

As I mentioned in my last post, our next Capital Lounge event is this Wednesday, 8/27. This is going to be far and away the best event we’ve done, on so many levels. More quality deals, more investors (4 to 1 company to investor ratio), and a couple of pretty big announcements, including one in …

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