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The War That Never Was

The War That Never Was

I penned an article for, an online community for Cold War military veterans. It describes a bit about what it was like to be stationed in a forward-deployed armor (tank) battalion in West Germany during the Cold War. Hope you all enjoy it! Click here to read: The War That Never Was Cheers.


The Legend Lives!

Old startups, even fake ones, never die … they just fade away.  Woot! Cheers.

Secret Sig

Pitch Your Deal to Secret Sig

The backstory and motivation behind the creation of the Virtual Pitch Session with a Bobblehead version of legendary Atlanta technology angel investor, Sig Mosley.

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Wrapping it up …

Been meaning to post this for a few weeks now, but … eight months ago, Mitch Free over at asked me to come in and help him re-organize his technology team. I joined as a contractor and served in a leadership capacity as we ramped up *many* new hires and evolved the software development …

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Yeah, that's me with long blond hair (1989)

From Elvis to Brain Damage

I’ve always been a lover of music, of most kinds, really.  I grew up listening to mostly 50s and 60s music, compliments of my parents.  Can you say, Elvis Presley, boys and girls?  Kind of “meh”, then, but as you get older you become more fond of that type of thing, I guess. Of course, …

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Atlanta - the city I love the most!

End of My Sabbatical

*yawn* *stretch*  Okay, I’ve declared an end to my self-imposed sabbatical from the Atlanta tech/startup scene.  I needed the break, no doubt – but I can’t lie – I really missed it.  Sooooo … expect to see more of me out and about, whether you like it or not :) I’ll be helping out again …

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Movin’ on …

The rumor mill in the Atlanta technology community has been working overtime. I think there were people who knew I was going to do this before I did. Well, here is the official announcement, I guess. After three years of blood, sweat, and tears at StarPound, I’ve decided that it’s time to move on. We …

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WikiLeaks: Epic Fail

I normally don’t talk about politics or current events on this blog, or anywhere else for that matter.  But today, I am making an exception, and I’d like to offer my views on the whole WikiLeaks saga.  I have no idea why. I agree, in principle, with Matt Ingram’s view that new media entities should …

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Faded Glory

I just ordered my personal copy of Faded Glory, a documentary produced by my friend and Atlanta-based filmmaker, Rick Cohen.  If you are actively involved in the Atlanta startup scene, you may have run into Rick before.  Besides being a great guy, and an awesome filmmaker, the story behind the story is one for the …

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A Letter to Mikie

Warning to readers: This is not my typical blog post about venture capital, entrepreneurship, startups, etc.  This is a very personal, unfiltered stream of thoughts.  If you have a problem with profanity – stop now.

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