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Must-See Entrepreneurship TV

I’ve started watching (Chef Gordon) Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares on BBC on my cable package. Although I started watching because cooking is a hobby of mine and I’ve always been fascinated by the restaurant business (when I worked at McDonald’s as a kid, I loved it), it has struck me how wonderfully educational the program is …

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Who’s Your Daddy? Unscrupulous Investors!

Who’s Your Daddy? Spotting The Unscrupulous Investors That Linger in the Shadows and What To Do When Dad’s A Deadbeat By Stacy A. Williams It is a sad comment on our times that we still have not eradicated the plague of the unscrupulous investor from the world of entrepreneurship. Amongst the many earnest and upright …

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Losing Bobby Fischer

Yesterday the world lost the greatest chess player of his generation, and perhaps the greatest of all time in terms of sheer genius. Robert J. Fischer died in Iceland (the only country that would have him) at age 64. As an avid chess player, his passing isn’t so saddening as he had retreated from public …

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Boris Yeltsin – 1931-2007

Thanks to Scott for allowing me to “guest blog”. I’d like to note and comment on the passing of Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin, the first President of the Russian Federation, and a key architect in the destruction of Communism and the ending of the Cold War. Mr. Yeltsin was as responsible or more than Mikhail Gorbachev …

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The Business StoryTeller

Some time back, I had the privilege of meeting Krishna Avva, the self-styled “Business Storyteller.” At some point, Krishna realized that he had the unique ability to take reams of that drab marketing spiel and turn it into something that really reaches out and grabs you. He accomplishes this by telling your story. I asked …

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Special Podcast: Ricky Steele on Networking

Greetings Pothole readers and listeners! I have a fantastic treat for you today. No, I am not going to sing to you! Nor am I going to do my one man reenactment of Brokeback Mountain. Instead, we have a very special podcast today – how about $25,000 worth of free career coaching, courtesy of Ricky Steele, one of Atlanta’s premier business networkers?

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Why You Need a Recruiter When You Don’t Need a Job!

Maintaining relationships with executive recruiters should be a vital tool in a professional’s career strategy. Join Jerry Recht for a closer look!

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Executive Briefing: Ruby on Rails

According to Derek Haynes of Highgroove Studios, CIOs that don’t investigate Ruby on Rails could be missing out on the holy grail of web application development – faster development, cheaper development, and vastly more usable applications. As our guest blogger this week, Derek provides a nice executive overview into this fascinating technology platform.

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Guest Tech/Business Bloggers

In an effort to broaden the content coverage and viewpoints presented here at The Pothole, we’ll soon be featuring articles by other Atlanta-area business and technology leaders.