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Collaborating on Black ICE

I am an avid video gamer, and love games of all types.  I do have a particular interest in historical war and strategy games, though.  And in my view, there are few finer than Paradox Interactive’s 2009 release of Hearts of Iron III for the PC.  An instant classic in my view. I won’t go …

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CCP Offices

Startup Lessons from CCP – EVE Online Style

About five or six years ago, when I was running PlayMotion, the good folks at IBM hosted a really cool dinner for a handful of gaming-industry CEOs here in Atlanta.  It was a fairly intimate evening, with about 6 or 7 of us.   What wasn’t to like?  A swanky free meal, and a chance to …

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Video Game Development Opportunities

Are you a hot shot programmer who is bored writing business applications and mindlessly retrieving database records and spitting them out to users? Do you want to be a contributing force in a highly-visible, pre-venture-backed, early-stage software company that creates full-body interactive experiences with some of the most premier customers in the world, such as …

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IBM Eyeing the Gaming Market

I just got back from a great dinner put on by some of the IBM guys here in the Southeast. The aim of the dinner was to bring together CxOs of Atlanta-area video game and entertainment companies. I got a chance to share the PlayMotion story with my peers, but more importantly, I was able …

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