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Hanging with the Kids at Wheeler

The other day I spent some time volunteering to teach the kids down at Wheeler High School’s Magnet program. What fun! Of course, as I walked down the hallway toward the office to sign in, I couldn’t help but feel like my life had come full circle. 20+ years later, and there I was, back …

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The Concept of Social Capital

I like to view the end product of networking as something I can quantify in some way. After all, what good is going to the candy store if you don’t walk out with something sweet? For me, the end result of successful networking is the generation of social capital.

The Process of Business Networking

I recently asked a professional friend of mine to define networking for me. His reply? “It is basically meeting new people, right?” And he wonders why he can never get anyone to return his calls. Networking is not as simple as two people standing in a room exchanging business cards, sales leads, or other information. …

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Business Networkers of the Future

Fresh out of the U.S. Army in the 1980s, I decided to pursue my interests in the field of computer programming. I had been involved with computing as a hobbyist since the late 1970s, so it seemed like a normal progression for me at the time.

Mornin’ Cup: Where has Courtesy Gone?

Common wisdom dictates professional courtesy; or does it? It used to. At least I thought it did. I got a call recently from a recruiter here in Atlanta. I won’t mention her name, or the firm she was with. Even though I’ve had my doubts about this firm for some time now, it really isn’t …

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Special Podcast: Ricky Steele on Networking

Greetings Pothole readers and listeners! I have a fantastic treat for you today. No, I am not going to sing to you! Nor am I going to do my one man reenactment of Brokeback Mountain. Instead, we have a very special podcast today – how about $25,000 worth of free career coaching, courtesy of Ricky Steele, one of Atlanta’s premier business networkers?

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Mornin’ Cup: Flimsy Brand

I’m not a marketing guru by any stretch of the imagination. However, I do consider myself to be somewhat knowledgeable when it comes to “personal” branding at the executive level. Why is it that senior executives accustomed to $200K+ salaries resort to using free, do-it-yourself business cards when they find themselves in a transitional state (executive-lingo for “out of work”)?

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Why You Need a Recruiter When You Don’t Need a Job!

Maintaining relationships with executive recruiters should be a vital tool in a professional’s career strategy. Join Jerry Recht for a closer look!

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Speaking at the Kettering Executive Network

For those of you who are members of The Kettering Executive Network (an executive networking group here in Atlanta), I will be delivering a presentation entitled “Business Blogging: Leveraging Web 2.0 to Extend Your Personal Brand”. I will provide an overview of business blogging, and share you some solid strategies for taking advantage of blogging …

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Mornin’ Cup: Networking Venues

I am a member of several professional “networking” groups, including ExecuNet and the Kettering Executive Network. Recently I attended a meeting where a newcomer openly stated in his introduction that he was “not yet convinced” that attending such meetings and networking with other members was going to be productive for him. Granted, the vast majority …

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