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And Now For Something Completely Different!

Well, after three amazing years as the Chief Technology Officer at Apto Solutions, I find myself with the startup bug again. It was bound to happen again, right? :) Over the past three years I’ve had the privilege of working with some amazing folks at Apto, and we collectively accomplished a great number of things. Now, I am gently transitioning out of my day-to-day role there, and I’ve started something new – something a little “different”. I hope you will agree!

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Pitch Your Deal to Secret Sig

The backstory and motivation behind the creation of the Virtual Pitch Session with a Bobblehead version of legendary Atlanta technology angel investor, Sig Mosley.

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200 Pitches From Atlanta Startups

Enjoy this tag cloud, created from 200 random startup pitches submitted for StartupLounge and/or AngelLounge. These were all pitches submitted in the past few years. These pitches were all of the single sentence (or paragraph form), and all had common “stop” words removed for clarity.  This cloud is the top 150 terms. Click for a …

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I quietly announced my new adventure via Twitter shortly thereafter, but thought I would drop a post here to dive in a bit deeper on it – especially since I’ve been procrastinating a bit on this, and it has been 3 months already! As a more “official” announcement (I suppose), I have joined the …

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The Answer is Blowin’ in the Wind

Every few months or so, various Atlanta startup thought leaders are corralled together on a panel or round-table to discuss what can be done to improve our startup ecosystem.  Invariably, the outcome is the same: a regurgitated list of things we already know all too well. Examples: Lack of local funding sources for early-stage companies …

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Great Startup Opportunity in Atlanta

Sometimes, out of the chaos of business, great ideas emerge.  Unfortunately, you rarely have the chance to aggressively chase those great ideas in the here-and-now. I’ll be blogging more about this soon, but we’ve been pretty busy at StarPound lately.  We ended Q4/2009 strong, including the deployment of our platform to solve some major problems …

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RIP: Atlanta Cloud

Several weeks ago, Unblakeable and I spoke at the monthly gathering of the Atlanta Web Entrepreneurs group.  We provided a pretty thorough treatment of where we thought the Atlanta startup community was in terms of its maturity, and then presented a concept that we thought was pretty compelling at the time – the Atlanta Startup …

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Reflecting on Independence Day – and Announcing

I can still remember the grainy television images of the smoke billowing into the sky, people screaming, sirens blaring.   The images of hundreds of body bags stacked neatly beside the rubble, juxtaposed against a noisy backdrop of frenetic movement.  It was October 23rd, 1983, just 8 short years after the end of the Vietnam War.  …

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Last One Off the Clue Train is a Rotten Peach!

Urvaksh over at the Atlanta Business Chronicle recently published an article providing some coverage of the new $250M fund being launched by the State of Florida.  After reading it, I became engulfed in a sea of emotions, ranging from frustration to anger, finally settling on a mix of sadness and reflection. The short version: This …

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Okay, Atlanta. Now What?

If you care at all about the Atlanta startup ecosystem, Mike Blake and I humbly request your presence next week at the monthly Atlanta Web Entrepreneurs meeting (18th at the ATDC).  Mike Schinkel and the AWE gang have graciously invited Unblakeable and I to present our views of where Atlanta is right now, where we’re …

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