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The Answer is Blowin’ in the Wind

Every few months or so, various Atlanta startup thought leaders are corralled together on a panel or round-table to discuss what can be done to improve our startup ecosystem.  Invariably, the outcome is the same: a regurgitated list of things we already know all too well. Examples: Lack of local funding sources for early-stage companies …

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Submit Your Deal to AngelLounge

We made the announcement the other night at our quarterly CapitalLounge event, but here it is again for those that missed it. AngelLounge is the angel investor community component of Startuplounge.  It is currently comprised of 80+ vetted angel investors in Georgia. The member list reads like a who’s who. The good news is that …

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Who’s Your Daddy? Unscrupulous Investors!

Who’s Your Daddy? Spotting The Unscrupulous Investors That Linger in the Shadows and What To Do When Dad’s A Deadbeat By Stacy A. Williams It is a sad comment on our times that we still have not eradicated the plague of the unscrupulous investor from the world of entrepreneurship. Amongst the many earnest and upright …

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