The Dangers of Being a “Book-CEO”

So, I see this “Suggested Post” (read: advertisement) on Facebook. See the image below for reference. First off, I question the validity of their opening statement. There is absolutely zero chance of the average CEO reading 60 business books a year. That’s not a CEO – that’s a professional book reader.

Second, I have worked for what I call “Book-CEOs” in the past. They were all highly ineffective in their role. “Book-CEOs” tend to be flip-floppers, and always have a “cause du jour” which they read in their latest book. By and large, in my opinion, “Book-CEOs” rarely have the ability to stick to a plan and execute against it.

I’m not remotely suggesting that there isn’t value to be had in reading certain business books. Clearly, there is. Constant learning is key. But A) not all business books are of the same quality, and B) not all advice in these books is applicable to every single business out there. A lot of “Book-CEOs” fall prey to the latter. They try to apply anything and everything they can to their business.

If a CEO is truly reading 60 books a year, I can almost guarantee you that they do not have their eyes on the ball.

Just a random observation.


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