Hanging with the Kids at Wheeler


The other day I spent some time volunteering to teach the kids down at Wheeler High School’s Magnet program. What fun! Of course, as I walked down the hallway toward the office to sign in, I couldn’t help but feel like my life had come full circle. 20+ years later, and there I was, back in the principal’s office. Ha! Thankfully, schools have done away with paddling, otherwise, I’d have had to resort to my old trick about wearing sweat pants under my jeans. Yes, I was a mischievous kid – big surprise – But I digress.

The focus of the class was on “business networking”, and I taught it twice that day, one for each of the Magnet groups. Business networking is a topic that I have become increasingly passionate about over the years, in no small part to my good friends Ricky Steele and Mike Blake. Trying to relate a dry topic such as “business networking” to a group of high school seniors was challenging, but I think I pulled it off.

It was especially rewarding for me, given my recent post about Sam Eisen. It brought some sense of closure for me, as I walked the halls and talked to the kids.

Good kids, great teacher, and a good program down there. Some observations:

At any rate – it was good fun. Thanks to Dr. Adams and the folks at Wheeler for having me down. I encourage other entrepreneurs and business leaders in the community to give their time to schools as well. Helping to shape these kids for tomorrow’s workforce can be a rewarding affair.



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