Announcing: Managing Your Social Capital

Recently, I put together a Powerpoint presentation on online social networking, specifically covering LinkedIn, and how companies can leverage it to get a competitive advantage. I originally intended to simply deliver the presentation to various business networking groups around town. A dozen slides became two dozen slides, which became fifty slides, which became 66 slides. Based on the insistence of a few colleagues, I decided to turn the presentation into a book.

The working title of the book is called “Managing Your Social Capital: Leveraging LinkedIn to Expand Your Business Horizons”. At the time of this blog entry, I am 20,000 words into what will probably be around a 30-40K word book.

From the preface:

At its core, this book is about business networking, but not in the traditional sense. While I will provide a high level overview of the subject of business networking itself, this book is more about leveraging new technologies and business models to expand your business horizons through online social networking. This isn’t one of those “touchy, feely” books on how to enrich your life through some 10 step networking program, and I am not trying to sell you some “foolproof” system that will have you hobnobbing with the movers and shakers within 90 days.
I’m also not trying to write some earth-shattering prediction of how new technologies will change the world as we know it, and make traditional business networking obsolete. It will not. Further, I will not attempt to convince you that true networking can be done entirely online, using a purely technology-centric approach. It cannot. Finally, I will not attempt to “dismiss” online social networking as a fad that has no value. It is not.

What I will promise you is that this book will be chock full of practical, useful advice on how you can take advantage of LinkedIn, a widely-adopted online social networking tool, to achieve new levels of professional excellence. Whether you are seeking to expand your client base, gain insightful market intelligence, make a key new executive hire, or progress through a critical career transition, you will find tools and strategies here that you can immediately put to work.

And if all goes well, I hope to coax forth a few laughs along the way. After all, work should be fun, right?

As part of this project, I am seeking to add to my case studies. If you or a colleague have a succesful (or not so successful) story about using LinkedIn, in either your personal endeavors, or those of your firm, I invite you to take a short online survey to share your stories with me.

I intend on posting excerpts from the book periodically, as well as some of my other thoughts. So if you have absolutely nothing else to do with your life, stay tuned!


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  1. Roderick Samuels ยท December 19, 2005 at 9:14 pm

    Scott, thanks for your time last week. I can’t wait to see the finished product! -RS

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