A Bit About Me and Much Ado About Nothing.

TL;DR In short, I’m a technology entrepreneur, software engineer, a tech-geek, musician, U.S. Army veteran, and more importantly, a husband and a dad. I’m fairly involved in the Atlanta technology and startup community.  I love worthy causes and good fights. I hate whiny people!


Who Scott Burkett

What Technology entrepreneur, gadfly, software engineer, tech-geek, musician, Army veteran, husband, dad

Where Atlanta, Georgia

When 1969 — present

Why Passion

Cool Stuff I’ve Done


PlayMotion! Fast Pitch, TAG Summit 2008

TAG TV - The Radio and TV Channel for the Technology Community In Georgia. - Top 10 Innovative Technology Companies, 2008 GTS
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I tell this story to a lot of our PitchCamp attendees, and I thought I’d throw it up here.  In 2008, PlayMotion was selected as a TAG Top 10 Technology Company in the state of Georgia.  We were invited to fast pitch at the Summit event (1,500 or so in attendance – huge). I worked tirelessly on this pitch, and the night before the event, Mike Blake and I basically rewrote the thing from scratch.  He destroyed it after listening to me rehearse.  You really have to invite that sort of thing.

I must say that it turned out quite well.  3 slides, and very conversational – the way it should be. I owe Mike for that one. This is also where I made my infamous political statement at the end of the video.  Attica! Attica! lol.

Also in this video is the original pitch that Jeff Haynie did for Appcelerator. Very cool stuff …

Community Involvement

I co-founded StartupLounge.com, which provides a focus on entrepreneurship and venture capital in the southeast. We publish a professionally-produced podcast which gets far more listens than we ever imagined it would. We also do a boatload of free events for entrepreneurs and investors, including our main StartupLounge/Atlanta event (which draw hundreds of fast-growth entrepreneurs and investors) and PitchCamp, which is a free interactive workshop session aimed at helping entrepreneurs refine their elevator pitch. You can read about my partner-in-crime Mike Blake here.

Through our efforts individually, and via StartupLounge, Mike and I are involved in all sorts of exciting things here in Georgia, such as:

Goofy Stuff I’ve Done

I Pitched the Most Successful Startup EVER!

Wifi Cat is the new cloud. The cloud is the new web. The web is the new superhighway. Thus, Wifi Cat is the superhighway to the web cloud. Tell your friends.  You can also read the full story on this spoof.

While watching the video above, play the slides below:

I Discovered The Meaning of Life

At Ignite! Atlanta (2009), I was asked by Paul Freet and Keith McGregor at VentureLab to get up and do a blind presentation – in other words, present an automated/timed deck of slides that I’d never seen before, on a surprise topic.  Unfortunately, I agreed.  Enjoy “The Meaning of Life.”

Corporate and Consulting Background

Before all of that, I spent a great deal of time in the corporate consulting space.  Through stints at CAP Gemini, Cambridge Technology Partners, and DCI, I worked with a lot of huge enterprises, including the ones shown below. I was involved in all sorts of technology-related engagements, from re-tooling legacy mainframe developers to client/server and web technologies, to developing really cool new products. Note to young entrepreneurs – if you want to find some big industry problems that need to be solved, throw a dart at a Fortune 1000 listing and go apply there – then keep your eyes and ears open.

Personal Tidbits

3d Infantry Division, Rock of the Marne!

I joined the Army right out of High School, and trained at the Armor School at Ft. Knox, Kentucky (M1 Tanker). I then shipped out overseas, and was stationed in cold-war era West Germany – 3rd Infantry Division (Mechanized), 1st Raider Brigade, 3d Battalion, 64th Armored Regiment. Rock of the Marne!

Atlanta, Georgia

I live in Atlanta, Georgia with my wife and two daughters. We collect art, are patrons of Atlanta’s High Museum of Art, and we’re involved in a number of charities, including the Susan G. Komen Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, and the Humane Society.

Thomas Edison

I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a double major in Computer Information Systems from Thomas A. Edison State College.


Oh, I was also in a rock band. We cut a record once.