Three Blind Mice, See How They Collide

bushit_small.gifI’m throwing this topic “Under the Bus” on our next podcast, but I can’t sit on this for another week.

Will someone please tell me why the following three events are all happening on the same day, and at the same time?

These groups all have their next events scheduled as a breakfast on the morning of Thursday, May 3rd.

Why are we splitting up an already fragmented entrepreneurial audience even further?

Given Atlanta’s population of 5M residents (we’re the 9th largest metro area now) and abundance of sprawl, the entrepreneurial/startup community is already fragmented enough as it is. And of course, the trend continues with all three of these events being held in either Buckhead or Midtown – out of reach of 75% of working Atlantans and about 20 miles (and an hour and a half of a miserable commute) out of the way for most angel investors.

As it stands, any investors that do venture (pun intended) beyond their offices that morning are going to be at AVF. The rest most likely won’t be seen at either of the other events (probably for fear of actually bumping into an early-stage entrepreneur.)

Building a successful startup culture is not something that is going to be achieved by simply parading around speakers. We don’t need more “speakers” anyway, and we certainly don’t need them all at once. We need more workshops, more capital, more networking, more outreach, more mentoring, more process, more geographic marketing, more tangible results – and less speakers, fragmentation and artificial walls. We need more transparency in the venture/startup process, not $25 at the door.



  1. AVF really isn’t an entrepreneurs’ event so I’m not sure that counts. But the fact that TAG and IEI’s events are directly competing makes one wonder if they are missing an opportunity to help more entrepreneurs and maybe trying to compete too much with one another. If I’m not mistaken, their events overlap regularly.

    One of them could really hit a home run by relocating north of the Perimeter where the people and money are. Which organization will step up and behave entrepreneurially?

  2. True – AVF is not really for entrepreneurs, but it *is* part of the ecosystem here.

    Not that investors typically attend the other events I mentioned – they don’t – but they should. And since all 3 events coincide on the same day and at the same time, means “co-mingling” of ideas and money are not happening. This is a flaw.


  3. Jeff Haynie · April 19, 2007 at 4:20 pm

    So so true Scott. Thanks for pointing this out. I’m just not going to attend any of them. I’m sick of mid or downtown early morning events — from Alpharetta. :)

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