The Storm is Finally Here

I foresaw it a year ago. Stephen Fleming eloquently described it today. Lance Weatherby posted a nice rundown, too. Ashish Mistry piled on as well. Former Earthlink PR exec now turned media blogger, Dan Greenfield, wrote a nice bit as well.

I was unable to attend Startup Riot as I came down with a nasty cold over the weekend, but from all I’ve heard, the event was another stepping stone for the Southeast. Kudos to Sanjay for stepping up and putting a lot of his time into the event. (StartupRiot Flickr stream here). Lance Weatherby posted a nice rundown of the companies that presented at StartupRiot as well – check ’em out.

I think the smart kids leaving Atlanta to go ply their trades in Silicon Valley are going to eventually regret their move. Atlanta is back – and what we’re seeing now is merely the tip of the iceberg. As I was quoted saying in Dan Greenfield’s excellent piece – I think a year or two from now and Atlanta’s tech and startup scenes will be unrecognizable.

Now we have to sustain this momentum as a community. History is full of flashes in the proverbial pan. I, for one, don’t want to see it go down like that. And it won’t.
Our StartupLounge event tomorrow night will hopefully put a nice bow on what has been an incredible month for startups in Georgia. The event is full – unless you are a last minute investor who wants to attend – but you can read the details here. We’ve also posted new dates for CapitalLounge, AngelLounge, and PitchCamp …

BTW, congrats to SoloHealth – who just scored a new round of funding. They’ll be hanging out at our CapitalLounge event again tomorrow – so if you’re coming, be sure to congratulate Bart Foster and his team.

Yes, the storm is here. No, I mean really. As fitting as this sounds – as I write this draft, we are under a tornado warning. One just touched down a few miles from here.

See you on the bitstream …


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