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FYI – we are hiring engineers against the profile below. If you or someone you know is interested in working in a cutting-edge Atlanta-based game studio, we’d welcome the opportunity to chat. PlayMotion is an exciting young company, and one that enjoys a marquee client list, including Atari, Nike, Google, Nokia, AT&T, Disney, Red Bull, and others.

Position: Experience Engineer (software)

PlayMotion is seeking a skilled software engineer to create computer vision-based entertainment experiences. PlayMotion creates a large spectrum of interactive entertainment experiences ranging from full-body interactive large displays (projected, LED, etc) for 3-8 players to large networks of massive screens capable of entertaining 250+ guests with games and artistic experiences. In addition to full-body interaction, PlayMotion works with kiosks, novel input devices such as wands, large multi-touch displays and auditory displays. Rather than calling our software creations videogames or toys, PlayMotion uses the term “Experience” to describe the variety of works we produce.

As a PlayMotion Experience Engineer, you will be responsible for the software design and programming of PlayMotion experiences. The task at hand is to write well-designed videogames using our SDK (Python-based, uses Panda3D engine) and our custom C++ based platform. You will work with a small team including Experience Designers and Engineers to create experiences that balance fun, laughter, challenge, visual beauty, and reward… for both single-player and large multiplayer (50+ simultaneous players) environments.

You must be proficient with the following tools and languages:

Above all, we value smart, creative, and driven people with a desire to learn new skills and the tolerance, tenacity and patience to function in a rapidly mutating work environment, dealing with world class customers and major installations.

Relevant skills include:

Helpful background experience:

You will work closely with a highly skilled team of visual effects and computer vision programmers, who create the engines upon which you design your experiences. You will also manage interactions with third party content development studios and contract 3d, 2d, and sound artists.

Please visit our website at in order to see examples of the types of content experiences you will be creating (and beyond!).

If you feel ready, please send your CV and work samples to:

ATTN: FunLab Studios
100 North Point Ctr E, Suite 305
Alpharetta, GA 3002

If you have a website you may alternatively email materials, with a cover letter explaining your qualifications, to



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