PitchCamp Update

We had a great time at the recent PitchCamp session. If you haven’t heard of PitchCamp, it is a free workshop that we offer to entrepreneurs to help them better refine their pitch. We also get into some adjacent areas, such as the ins and outs of investor networking, and how to maximize the value from things like our StartupLounge.com investor networking events. It is amazing to hear the difference in the “before” versus “after” pitches.  And you get the benefit of learning by watching all the other pitches evolve as well.  Good stuff.

The first few times we did PitchCamp, we had 20-25 entrepreneurs in the room. It turned out to be too many. It was hard to give everyone the attention they needed in a limited amount of time. We’ve cut the audience in half, so only 12 slots are available for each session (which we seem to be doing once a month now).

Another cool thing is that something like 60-70% of the angel investors in our Angel Lounge have shared their interest in helping at PitchCamp. We hope to bring in some of these folks to help out with the sessions moving forward.

We have a few slots remaining for our upcoming May 7th, 2008 session. It is from 2p-5p over near Galleria. If you are interested in attending, contact me and let me know. This thing fills up fast …



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