Paparelli on Atlanta Startups

charlie.jpgVeteran Atlanta angel investor, Charlie Paparelli, has posted a great article on what he sees wrong with the Atlanta startup scene. I don’t have an awful lot to add to what he says, other than to say that I agree with his sentiments.
Atlanta is a market that is begging for innovation, and as Charlie points out, we have all of the elements (people, ideas, and capital), yet we struggle as a startup market. I know of several local entrepreneurs who are exploring other options, including launching their ventures in other locales.

It doesn’t have to be this way, folks. We can change this if we work together on it.

I am involved with several other local busines sleaders in a couple of targeted initiatives which I will hopefully announce soon. However, it will take more than a single initiative or group of people to change investor behavior and entrepreneurial outlook. We will have to work together to erase this stigma that Atlanta isn’t a great place to launch a startup.

What can you do? I think all of us can benefit from what Charlie recommends in his piece.

It all begins will our experienced entrepreneurs. I don’t care if you made it big or didn’t make it at all. You are full of wisdom, insights and encouragement for those who are currently pursuing a vision. They need you. They don’t need you to give a speech. They need you. They don’t want “how-to’s.” They want your insights and experience.



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