Okay, Atlanta. Now What?

If you care at all about the Atlanta startup ecosystem, Mike Blake and I humbly request your presence next week at the monthly Atlanta Web Entrepreneurs meeting (18th at the ATDC).  Mike Schinkel and the AWE gang have graciously invited Unblakeable and I to present our views of where Atlanta is right now, where we’re going, and some ideas around how we’re gonna get there. We believe that we are at the end of phase 1 in the rebirth of Atlanta, and that we are entering a very different phase 2.

We are bringing ideas to the table, and we want to hear yours.  And more importantly, we want to recruit you to help in the effort.  The only way we’re going to get there is if we execute together.  Gee, kinda like a startup team. :)

Click here for full details. Schink does a great job of laying it all out there.

If you currently play a current role in the Atlanta startup scene, want to play a role in it, or give a crap about it at all, you need to be there.  We are going to try and record the session for a slidecast/podcast for those that can’t make it – but no guarantees.

If you have ideas, bring ’em on.  But don’t forget to bring your spirit of volunteerism with you as well.  Because you are quite likely going to be put to work.  Sitting in the crowd like a knot on a log is going to add zero value.  Throwing out ideas and not stepping in to help bring them to fruition adds only marginal value.  We want those people who are ready to step up and play their part as a software developer, web developer, mentor/advisor, educator, marketer, public relations guru, etc.

Let’s get it on.

Caveat: my wife and I are expecting our 2nd daughter to arrive at any point in the next week or so.  There is a possibility that either Unblakeable will have to go it alone, or that the event gets moved to another time.  Or, that I will run screaming from the building in a panic to get to the hospital right in the middle of something important  :)



  1. Can’t be there, but wish I could. Please share notes/slides afterwards!

  2. Will be there. Looking forward to hearing the plan. Someone should record this for the SL or AWE website.

  3. FYI – I am still planning on being there, despite our new daughter arriving into the world yesterday. Hope to see as many stakeholders there as possible.


  4. Congratulations on your new baby daughter! As a new dad with another on the way, I appreciate the effort it’s taking for you to make this meeting… Looking forward to hearing you speak and doing my part in the plan.


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