My New Adventure

I quietly announced my new adventure via Twitter shortly thereafter, but thought I would drop a post here to dive in a bit deeper on it – especially since I’ve been procrastinating a bit on this, and it has been 3 months already!

As a more “official” announcement (I suppose), I have joined the global leadership team to focus on evolving the team, processes, and the technology platform. However, the thing that I am most excited about is the opportunity to also participate in evolving the business model itself.

Since I’ve already been there for a few months, we’re knee-deep in a ton of different initiatives already, with undoubtedly plenty more to follow. As time permits, I’ll try to share some of the cooler things we’re doing here in my blog.

In particular, though, we are undertaking some things that will fundamentally shift the landscape of our sector. That’s the kind of stuff that gets me jazzed.



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  1. Lee Kent ยท June 17, 2011 at 11:20 am

    Great move Scott! Do keep us posted. I always enjoy reading your blogs

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