June Startup Events in Atlanta

June is going to be a busy time in Atlanta for startups.   Here is a quick roundup of a few events that are worth taking a look at:


Being a co-founder of StartupLounge, I’m naturally biased.  But hey, at least I’m being honest about it. :)  Our next CapitalLounge gathering is coming up next week, Wednesday, June 10th.  Should be another awesome party for entrepreneurs and investors in Atlanta.  Our old friends J-Cap and DJ from Southern Capitol Ventures (yes, an “o”, not an “a”) are making the trek down from Raleigh, NC, as will the folks from Intersouth (also in NC).  Local investors will be out in full force as well, including Noro-Moseley, Fulcrum Ventures, Kinetic Ventures, Croft & Bender Capital, Arcapita, Grey Ghost Ventures, CEO Ventures, TechOperators, and even the Weather Channel’s venture arm.  And of course, a nice smattering of local angel investors.

If you are interested, you can check it out here.   Cost is free, but there is a vetting process.

Calling All Entrepreneurs: Atlanta!

Speaking of J-Cap and DJ from SCV … they will be in town on the 10th and the 11th.  In addition to hanging out at CapitalLounge on the night of the 10th, they are holding their “Calling All Entrepreneurs” sessions here in Atlanta.  Awesome.  I wish more VCs would do this.  No pressures, no pitching.  Just getting a chance to pick the brain of an investor over coffee.  Very cool.    From Jason:

David and I will be down in Atlanta next week on June 10 and 11. We were an original sponsor of CapitalLounge and will be at that the night of June 10th.

On June 11, we will have Calling All Entrepreneurs in Atlanta from 7-10am. We will find a place close to the ATDC. Again, any entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur is welcome to set up a time to come meet with us for 10 minutes. We will try and pack in as many meetings as possible and the coffee is on us! Read my prior post on this so you understand the structure and background. We did  this down in Atlanta a while back and filled it up quickly.

Just email me jason AT southerncapitolventures.com to schedule a time.


Also, don’t forget that the ATDC’s deadline for applications for their annual CapVenture program is on June 16th (the actual sessions are later in the year).  If you aren’t familiar with CapVenture, you should be.  It is an awesome program that aims to educate and equip early-stage entrepreneurs (primarily those seeking their first round of funding).  I have personally talked to several startup CEOs that have gone through the program and they rave about it.  Definitely check it out.

Of course, there are a ton of other events going on, some formal, some informal.   Feel free to drop a note here if you know of another great startup event happening here in Atlanta in June, or tune into the Twitterverse to get plugged in.



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