Georgia early stage roundup

roundup.gifWhy should California have all the fun? :) We are beginning to see a number of startups here in Georgia that fall into one or more of the following niches:

These are mostly bootstrapped endeavors. Some are seeking capital, others are not. If you know of one not on this list, drop me a line so I can update it. Be sure to include a link to their web site as well. These are presented in alphabetical order.



  1. Another great one is The founder Todd Dugas is very sharp and has hit on a unique idea.

  2. Thanks, Jerry. I’ve added your suggestion, as well as few others that have come in via email.


  3. Well, I suppose I’d be remiss if I didn’t pimp mine… Georgia Podcast Network

    Found you via the Atlanta Media Bloggers, btw. See you Dec. 12th?

  4. Thanks Amber – I’ve added a link. I’ve also added a few more, including Sampath Kumar’s

    I’ve removed – they’ve relocated to Florida (citing lack of funding activity here in Atlanta).


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  6. Hi Scott,
    Is there any place I can look for all startups in and around Atlanta or may be something as generic as startups in Georgia.

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