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I’ve decided to try something a little different here at the Pothole, and I must confess that I am not quite sure how this will play out in the end. As with so many of you, I come into contact with an abundance of talented, motivated people during my business networking travels. We are fortunate here in Atlanta to have so many wonderfully talented entrepreneurs, executives, and investors, and I never tire of meeting them and learning more about what their individual pursuits entail. In trying to think of creative ways to help as many of these folks as possible, I decided to try and use a little technology know-how to bring some of these hidden opportunities to a higher level a visibility. As such, I’ve decided to create a section on my Pothole called “Networking Leads”.

In essence, I will be periodically posting executive networking/lead information that I discover during my networking adventures. If I come across something or someone of interest, I will post a blurb about it/them, in hopes that we can all leverage technology to help each other. Hopefully, this will help shed some light on some of these tremendous “hidden” opportunities out there, and help a few folks out along the way.

I must be careful not to disclose too much information – I certainly want to be respectful of the confidentiality and trust I have established with people. However, I do think we have a unique opportunity here to create a virtual platform for the exchanging of networking leads. In certain instances, I realize that I will need to act as a conduit for interested parties, in order to protect the anonymity of certain leads, although I will aspire to provide as much information as possible (I really *don’t* want to get into the habit of playing middleman, other than passing along contact information). If you have something that you would feel to be of merit for this new section of the Pothole, by all means, let me know (spammers and open solicitors need not apply).

So, here goes this week’s batch:

A fellow entrepreneur and successful turnaround CEO is on the prowl. He and his financial partner are seeking to acquire a distressed firm in the Atlanta area. The ideal firm is somewhere between $8-10M on the low end and up to $200M on the high end (revenue-wise). Ideally, this would be a situation where the firm has a solid product or service line, but is in need of change at the top in order to maximize shareholder value. This bloke is a tremendous fellow and a experienced technology entrepreneur.

My good friends John Britchford-Steel and Rich Rodriguez are doing some great work down at a up-and-coming firm called Forgehouse. Their “One Vision” product suite is a absolutely amazing security management platform focusing on the “physical” security industry (although they work in other verticals as well). Essentially, it’s a rules-based notification system wrapped around a wireless/PDA communications framework. You really have to see it to believe it. For more info, visit their web site at forgehouse.us.

If anyone is interested in becoming involved (as an investor or key contributor) with a startup firm in the “mobile training & development” space, let me know. I met a fellow Atlanta entrepreneur who has his sights set on doing something really nifty in this sector … and did I mention device-independency?

A manufacturing and distribution operation focused on providing a niche product in the water purification arena is seeking to raise a $2.1M Series A round. They have a product, and they have a manufacturing capability. They have proven the concept, and have a few initial (strategic) customers. This is hot stuff – when you see the demo of this thing, you will be blown away.

If you know someone vertically steeped in the intricacies of transportation and logistics optimization, I may have an opportunity for you as a consultant with a boutique firm here in Atlanta. Things they are looking for include: degree in logistics, IE, operations research, applied math, etc., supply chain analytical and modeling experience, experience with linear programming, mixed integer programming, and discrete event simulation, experience with i2, CAPS, Manugistics, Synquest, INSIGHT, LogicTools, etc. is desirable.

Highgroove Studios is a up and coming web application design studio that is really getting its shoulders behind the Ruby and Ruby on Rails movement. Ruby is a next generation scripted programming language which combines many of the best-in-class benefits and features of a host of other languages, including Perl, Java, Python, Smalltalk, Eiffel and Ada. Highgroove feels that the low-costs and ROI you get from Ruby could actually bring offshored business back to the mainland. If you are in need of Ruby-related consulting, staff augmentation, or training & development, visit their web site at Highgroove Studios.

I met a fantastic IT/process improvement expert. If you are in need of a Six Sigma Black Belt with an IT twist, you’ll find a good one in this fellow. He also has some nice grounding in the ITIL framework.

If you are interested in any of the above leads, by all means contact me for more information. Until next time!

Cheers, and happy networking!


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