Cleantech and ATDC Showcase Wrapup

Man what a busy week! I think this month (May) will go down as one of the busiest in Atlanta startup history.

Hosting the Cleantech Georgia 2008 event was a ton of fun (my corny jokes aside). We had a great docket of speakers and panelists, and each delivered some incredibly valuable content.


Mike McQuary’s low-speed electric vehicle (RETV) got a nice workout after the event. Attendees could stand in line and take it for a spin around the block. Good stuff!


The Cleantech panel was outstanding. From left to right:

The yearly ATDC entrepreneur showcase event was aksi off the hook. There was a ton of energy there, and I think the portfolio companies got a great deal of pub out of it. We’ll be posting a podcast of the event over at soon.


Looking down into the main ballroom, shortly after the event opened.


The ATDC and VentureLab companies were all set up showing off their stuff.


A cool (sort of) shot from behind the podcast setup.

Today is Startup Riot. And wouldn’t you know it – I’m sick :( Trying to get better before our Capital Lounge event on Wednesday … now where did I put that vitamin C …



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