CapitalLounge Wrap Up

I’m finally beginning to recover from last night’s CapitalLounge event, which was awesome.  Great turnout, and based upon my very informal survey of people as they were leaving at the end of the night, there were lots of facilitated connections. Thanks to everyone for coming and hanging out with us.

Urvaksh did a cool writeup on it as well.  He brought along an Atlanta Business Chronicle photographer as well … hoping to see some cool shots soon!  We should have the pics from our own photographer up on the site by next week …

Thanks to Allen Ulbricht from PeachPods And Anna McCullough from Adams Capital for jumping in and helping out at the badge table.  Man, that was a mess!  Lesson: Don’t let me and Blake manage the badges – that’s just a goat rodeo waiting to happen.

The next event will be in late May or early June, most likely.  We’ve also posted the date of the next PitchCamp session … if you are interested in attending, sign up now, it will fill up fast with only 12 slots available.


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  1. Will let you know when the CapitalLounge pics are published in the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

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