Capital Lounge Update

Our next Capital Lounge event is next Wednesday, 8/27, and man is it shaping up to be a good one.

As it stands right now, this will be the best investor turn out to date (due I think in large part to the success we’ve had with our Angel Lounge initiative). Right now we have over 40 investors signed up, and that number will probably drive closer to 50 in the next few days. There is a slight edge in the number of angel investors, but it is pretty evenly split between angels and traditional venture capital firms.

Over 150 entrepreneurs have signed up as well, and about half of them are new deals. Very cool to see that trend continue.

Of course, we try very diligently to weed out service providers, job seekers, etc. in order to create an environment conducive to having substantive discussions between innovators and capital providers.

if you want to meet the movers and shakers in the startup community (ATDC, VentureLab, regional VCs, local angels, and a veritable army of fellow entrepreneurs), you need to be there. And why not? It’s free.

We’re going to be making some cool announcements there as well. ;)

As a reminder, we are capping attendance (for entrepreneurs, at least). So if you haven’t applied, and you want to attend, you should probably apply sooner rather than later.



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