Capital Connections Post Mortem (Fall 2007)


Here it is, midnight, and I just got home from our quarterly Capital Connections event. Wow, what a night. I am completely spent, so I’ll make this post brief!
We’ll have a full wrap-up posted in the next few days (along with tons of photos), but here are a few short observations:

Thanks to everyone who came out and participated! A thanks to our sponsors as well! Your collective support allows us to continue providing a remarkable quarterly opportunity to drive change. The event continues to evolve, and we are grateful for your patience!
We’ll soon begin planning our Q4 event, which will be in early December. Should be a great time to gather around the holidays ….


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  1. As always, congrats Scott for pulling this together.

    As far as the AJC – those guys never cease to amaze me. I thought they were going to focus on trying to do more local content based on this new restructuring (read: layoff). Maybe they’re just too worried about their jobs to be hanging out with us entrepreneurs and investors.

    It would be good to list in a separate post all the companies that had demos with their info, principals and their website for more details.

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