ATDC’s Next Batch of Promising Innovators

I’ve been meaning to write a blurb on this, but Jeff Haynie did most of the heavy lifting for me, so I won’t repeat what he’s already said.

This is always a fun event, and it is a good chance to see some really cool companies doing some interesting things. It will be packed, and there will be plenty of energy to go around.

Of the graduating companies, I am most familiar with Emcien and Vendormate. These two companies have legs, and should be on everyone’s radar screens by now. Radhika (Emcien) and Andy (Vendormate) are both world-class entrepreneurs that know what they are doing. I expect great things from these two plays …

Mike and I are teaming up with Peachpods again and will be doing another podcast from there through our efforts with StartupLounge. We did a podcast last year, and in fact, enjoyed a great conversation with Radhika from Emcien. If you’re planning on attending, stop by and say hello! We’ll have a booth set up and will be recording throughout the day.



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