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Military Lessons Applied to Startups

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Jason Jones of CresaPartners, who hosts a podcast called “Battlefield to Business” for Business-to-Business Magazine.  If you don’t know Jason, he’s a great guy, and a former naval aviator who served on the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Enterprise. We had a great candid chat …

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November 17, 2007

Chrysalis Ventures on

We just wrapped up a great podcast with Wright Steenrod over at Chrysalis Ventures. We had a great time digging into their model and gleaning his insights. As an added bonus, we provide a double dose of “Under the Bus”: Mike tosses some alcoholic StartupLounge haters under the bus, and I pile on and “gently …

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Vendormate on

For a great sneak peek at Vendormate, check out the latest installment of the podcast. Vendormate’s CEO Andy Monin stopped by and shared a great overview of the company, as well as his thoughts on creating high-performance teams in a startup. We also had some great emails (including a particularly good question on raising …

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Pandora, RIAA, and Survival

We were very thrilled to have Tim Westergren, the founder of Pandora on the podcast this week. In addition to discussing how Pandora was really on the verge of extinction during the dot com flameout, we had a pretty good chat about the current RIAA ruling, the new royalty rates for Internet broadcasting, and …

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Inside the ATDC

Mike Blake and I spent a few hours with Lance Weatherby of the ATDC yesterday. Enjoy the latest installment of our podcast! This is a must hear show if you are an early-stage entrepreneur in Georgia who is considering applying to the ATDC. Thanks to Lance for coming on and hanging out with us …

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We published an impromptu edition of the podcast. Check it out – it features Anne Simons; Mike and I had a great chat with Anne about how early stage entrepreneurs can best leverage consultants to achieve their goals. We also rolled out our Startup Lounge forums – if you are an early stage entrepreneur, …

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Launch of

I have teamed up with Michael Blake at Adams Capital to do a monthly podcast focused on entrepreneurship and startups in the southeast (including Atlanta.) We are hosting our podcast at a new site called We just posted our first show today! In this inaugural show, we focus on how entrepreneurs can better “network” …

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Special Podcast: Ricky Steele on Networking

Greetings Pothole readers and listeners! I have a fantastic treat for you today. No, I am not going to sing to you! Nor am I going to do my one man reenactment of Brokeback Mountain. Instead, we have a very special podcast today – how about $25,000 worth of free career coaching, courtesy of Ricky Steele, one of Atlanta’s premier business networkers?

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Why, Georgia, Why?

With sincerest apologies to John Mayer. It appears that I was perhaps a bit more optimistic than I should have been in my recent article on why 2006 would be a great year for doing business in Georgia. According to the latest “Money Tree” report published by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, 2005 was an atrocious year for the venture capital market in Georgia. I sat down with a handful of Atlanta venture capitalists and asked them the obvious question. Why?

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Mornin’ Cup: Can Web 2.0 Save the Exchange?

I was having a cup o’ Joe with a good friend of mine yesterday (after moderating a panel on business blogging over at the 400 Technology Connection), and the subject of B2B exchanges came up. Since we had just attended a discussion around blogging, we wondered whether or not the new iteration of the web (so-called Web 2.0) could provide the much needed ingredient for the continued resurgence of the online exchange model.

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